All jewelry is handmade by Joke Schole with special care and and is only available as a unique piece or in a limited edition.

To achieve the result a whole scale of techniques is used on handmade or vintage textiles.

A combination of Joke's porcelain, Mother of Pearl and crystal make the jewelry a wearable art object.



Golden and Silver bracelets

The bracelets are made of textile, painted and covered with a heating process in different gold or silver colors, including a sensitive flash of a hologram.

Shining and muted hues make as if it is treated with gold leaf.

The bracelets are comfortable to wear, they are light, and take the natural temperature of the body.

Because of the special treatment made by hand, they are all unique.

Glass or vintage buttons are used. In some cases the bracelet can be worn on both sides, silver and gold. In some cases you can adjust the button to change size.

If the bracelet has not yet been worn, or is at a low temperature it should gently be heated by hands, the body temperature will make it easily to bow, and will soften the bracelet.

The bracelet will fade over time in colour, just like jeans.

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