Nieuw Amstel Porselein | New Amstel Porcelain

Amstel Porcelain was named after the river Amstel running through Amsterdam. Made from 1759 until 1814, this high quality porcelain was very popular for its beautiful landscape and floral motifs.


As a tribute to Amstel Porcelain, Joke makes limited edition porcelain crockery, using images from Amsterdam. She also works with images that were formerly used by Amstel Porcelain, refreshing them and integrating texts and poetry from Dutch writers.


Joke’s focus is on reviving the cultural legacy of Amsterdam Porcelain but in a contemporary way. Hence NAP - or New Amstel Porcelain - all of her own design and poured and finished by hand. The result is sculptural crockery, seemingly delicate but dishwasher proof. All this created in her studio overlooking the Amstel river.

© Joke Schole  | design Pertoon